Vectonic is an upcoming game being developed by Bob Hayden that is all about fast-paced combat between Verticrafts - hovercrafts with verticality.

The goal the game is to destroy the opponent by slamming your Verticraft down on top of theirs. At the start of each match the terrain in the arena will be procedurally generated providing a unique challenge every game. The Verticrafts can hover laterally, boost forward & backward, jump up and slam down.

Vectonic will feature a thumping future-funk soundtrack which the glittering game world will dynamically pulse along with.


11/06/2016 - Vectonic Update: Day 90

It's been 3 months since I started Vectonic and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The game is finished as far as I'm concerned as far as being feature complete and having a visual quality that I'm satisfied with. The little things I have left to do are an options menu, cross platform support (Mac & Linux) and licensing the music. It's been 45 days (or there abouts) since my last blog update. Let's go over what's happened since...


20/04/2016 - Vectonic Update: Day 45

Today marks my 45th day into developing Vectonic. It's possessed nearly 100% of every synapse I've had for over a month now and I thought I should take the time now to reflect. So - what's happened?


01/04/2016 - Vectonic Website Launched

The new website for Vectonic has gone live. The new hotness. I figured it was about time to scrap the old stupidly vague splash page. You will be missed, oh non-descriptive one!


08/03/2016 - This Is Vectonic

Around about a year ago I was driving home from work when a song came on the radio. The song in question was Erol Alkan's rework of Forever Dolphin Love. It hit me just right.



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